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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can we buy your transformers? Are there local reps/distributors?
  • We sell direct to manufacturers, OEMs and assembly houses in the USA and worldwide.

  • We do not use local distributors or representatives.

2. How do I place an order? How do I pay? What are your payment terms for Domestic and International Orders? Can you bill COD on my account? Can I pay with a Credit Card?

  • Orders are usually placed via E-Mail. We require a printable Purchase Order with addresses, SC part number, required dates, and preferred method of shipping and payment.

  • PLEASE NOTE: for paperwork and compliance we usually cannot honor a text order in email, without a numbered and printable Purchase Order! We can waive this requirements for small orders and samples.

  • We have discontinued our FAX line. If you cannot email a PO, please call us.

  • Sorry, but we cannot accept credit cards! Please use bank transfer, COD (in USA only) or Paypal.

  • Domestic orders are normally sent UPS. Orders without open accounts are sent UPS COD. We can also use Fed Ex, DHL.

  • Terms are Net 30 after clearing credit, only for Domestic accounts for POs quantity at least 1000 pcs.

  • Net 30 day Account set up requirements: a/ Billing and Shipping to USA only, NO international accounts. b/ your total PO is at least 1000 pcs c/ your credit application and references include specific and current contact via phone, fax and email for every reference. We CANNOT use your vendors web based systems to check your credit. d/ Your order can wait the 3. 6 weeks for us to clear your credit. e/ You agree to our terms and conditions, including NET 30 not longer payment! f/ We accept and approve your application.

  • One time orders and all other Domestic orders without established accounts are on COD basis and shipped freight prepaid and added. Due to Carrier Regulations we cannot use your Federal Express, or alternate carrier account for a COD shipment. ALL COD shipments are via UPS only.

  • To avoid UPS/COD, please send a check or use Paypal or bank transfer to pay in advance. We will ship upon receipt of payment.

  • International payment terms are Prepaid via Bank Transfer or Paypal per our Pro Forma Invoice. Please email a Purchase Order and we will email back a Pro Forma for payment via bank transfer or Paypal.

  • International shipment is via Fed Ex, UPS, DHL or Air Post. We cannot use DHL in certain countries, please inquire. We are prohibited from using TNT for shipping!

  • We cannot use DHL in certain countries, please inquire!

  • For orders less than 1,000 pcs or one time orders, we may not be able to use your shipping account; please inquire.

  • We cannot bill freight to your carrier's shipping account without prior verification of account status; all freight fees will be prepaid and added.

3. Do you accept Blanket Orders?
  • We can accept blanket Orders with scheduled releases, maximum time of 1 year from date of PO until last release shipment.

  • We have minimum release and NCNR restrictions, for blanket POs, depending on your location and on the part type, please inquire. .

4. How are they packaged? Can we get Tape and Reel packaging for SMD parts?
  • SMD transformers are packed in IC tubes of 25 or 50 pcs (MPQ).

  • Thru-Hole parts are packaged on Styrofoam sheets of 100 pcs per sheet.

  • T&R is not stocked and is available only by special order, NCNR, minimum 20,000 pcs: A setup, tooling and per unit charge applies. Delivery time is greatly increased. Please contact us for further information.

5. We need these parts yesterday! Are your parts in stock? What's the lead time?

  • We stock for most types (not all!) up to 100..500 pcs. PLEASE allow 2 - 5 weeks AFTER you send your order. Please inquire before you order, as the stock and lead times change daily!

  • Please allow at least 24 hrs to process your order. Our normal pickup time for shipments is 13:00 Pacific USA Time (GMT -8H). If your order is received at least 3 hrs prior to our pickup we will attempt to ship the same day if requested, but we cannot guaranty same day shipment.

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