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1. What is the deadline for RoHS (lead-free) Compliance?
  • EU: compliance has been required as of 1 July 2006.

  • USA: Federal deadline not set as yet; California, Massachusetts, other States are in process.

  • California required certain products to comply since 1 January 2007.

  • Japanese firms usually require compliance. For China, regulations are pending.

2. Which regulatory standards do Scientific Conversion's parts comply with?

3. When are your RoHS compliant transformers available?

  • All our transformers are now only available RoHS compliant, LF suffix.

  • Regular (non-compliant) types are no longer made.

4. How do they differ from the standard versions?

  • Lead free solder used is industry standard SAC type, instead of tin/lead.

  • Recommended peak reflow temperature is increased to 260C max, 10 sec.

  • Electrical characteristics and mechanical footprint are identical.

  • SC part number has LF suffix added;  i.e. old SC937-02 becomes SC937-02LF.

  • IC tube Packages will be marked with the LF part number and have green end caps.

5. Are they backwards compatible i.e. can the LF version be used with tin/lead solder?

  •  Yes, they are totally "form, fit and function" and pinout backwards compatible!

6. What about compliance documentation, ISO 9002 certification, Quality Supplier Survey, chemical analysis, or complete our spreadsheet?

  • We provide a standard certificate of compliance (C of C) upon request.

  • See the Industry Standard IPC175-2 forms at

  • We can fill out your firm's special compliance and Quality Supplier Survey forms ONLY for orders exceeding 1,000 pc/year.

  • Chemical Composition: Bobbin plastic: Phenolic (PF), Bobbin Pin: Low carbon steel wire: 70%, Cu: 26%, Sn (plating): 4%, Cu (plating):0.01%, Core Clip: Stainless steel: Fe:72% or more, Cr:18%, Ni:8%, Mn: less than 2%, Solder: Sn 96.5%, Ag 3.0%, Cu 0.5%, Ferrite cores: Fe2O4: 70%, MnO: 15%, ZnO: 15%

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