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An Introduction to Scientific Conversion, Inc.

Scientific Conversion is dedicated to manufacturing the world's finest digital audio transformers for AES/EBU, AES-3, DVD and SPDIF applications. Our founder, Jon Paul, has extensive experience in the area of data conversion, audio and digital audio designs, and general electronics consulting. The company focuses on the design, optimization and manufacture of transformers to improve the transmission and reduce interference of digital audio signals.

The main reason for using a transformer in digital audio is to improve the common mode rejection of high frequency interference transmitted and received by your equipment. We have substantially improved transformer performance by using the highest quality materials, special winding techniques, and 100% hand-winding and testing. Our transformers' pulse aberration, jitter, and high frequency common mode interference rejection are 15-36 dB better than competitive products.

Scientific Conversion's range of Digital Audio transformers includes both thru-hole and surface-mount parts. We offer 32-48Khz and 96-192 Khz (DVD) optimized designs with ratios 1:1, 1:1.20 and 1:2, as well as center tapped and custom parts. We provide comprehensive support and free design review service to assist in your transformer circuit and PC board layout. Please contact us for applications assistance or ordering.


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