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1. Email:
  • Please send an email to:

  • We respond very quickly, usually in just a few hours. If you send us email and have no response within 24 hours PLEASE recheck your outgoing email address and give us a call; we have not received your message.

  • We need your email, telephone, and other contact information.

  • Please include the following application information so we can respond efficiently:

    1. What is the exact application, e.g."D/A converter for High End consumer".

    2. What is the potential estimated quantity per year?

    3. What is the minimum/maximum sample rate in the application, e.g. 44 to 96kHz.

    4. For Custom requirements, please give us a complete specification, RFQ, application environment, time schedule, etc.

2. Telephone:

  • (location: West Coast USA, Pacific Time Zone = GMT -8 hours).

  • Best time to call is between 09:00 and 18:00 Pacific Time but we are often available earlier in the day and on weekends.

3. Fax, Postal Address:

  • Please contact us first by email or phone if you require our post address.

  • We have closed our fax line to save time and energy.

  • Please send POs, RFQ, etc. via email.

4. Sending your Purchase Order:

  • Please use email and attach a PDF, scan, or other printable image.

  • Your PO MUST include: COMPLETE Shipping and billing address, method to ship, method to pay, delivery date, valid email address, our part number, and price as we quoted.

  • If we do not respond to your PO in 24 hrs, please call us! We never got it!

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